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About Me

Hi! My name is Holly, and I'm 16 years old. I have many interests that you can read about here.

I would have to say my main interest is animals.


My family has 12 pets at the moment. 7 of them are mine exclusively. I have a cat, a rabbit (she lives outside in a hutch), a Quaker parrot, and 4 veiled chameleons. (one is a year old male, the others are babies that hatched around July 6)

As for the other 5 pets? We have a family dog, and my mom has two hermit crabs and two parrots.

My mom doesn't seem to have a problem with which pets I get- just how many. The only animals she's ever told me I was never allowed to have was a pair of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. (I still think she should have at least thought about it)

I also like drawing, painting, and crafts in general.

I am fond of cartoons and comics. I draw pretty well, and I can draw realistic things (mainly animals), or cartoons. Hopefully, soon I will put some of my drawings on this site. I also paint- oil, acrylic, doesn't really matter.

I've got a job at Ace Hardware. My aunt and uncle own it and my mom decided she'd take me there. I'm a cashier, which is cool.

Last year I tutored at a Custer Elementary School four days a week. I work for Habitat for Humanity when I can find the time. I'm tutoring again this year, but I have to figure out when I can work it into my schedule.

This year I started drivers ed. I've got my level 1 licence, but I'll never get my hours in because my mom is too scared to drive with me. Her reasoning- "I've never driven with you before, so I dont trust you yet." How's that one going to change?

Basically, if you opted not to read all of that cause it looked long and boring, and you decided just to read the large print, I don't blame you. Here's a brief overview of what you missed:

I was born. I grew up. I like pets a lot. I volunteer. I've got a job. If you want to know specifics, I guess you should have read the whole thing.