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My Pets

Sam- our dog


Sam is a mutt. I think I put him first in this album because he's been with me the longest. Sam is a 12 year old medium-sized dog. He's very friendly, and him and Mitsy play together when his arthritis isn't hurting him too bad. Thats something that brought us closer- arthritis. When I was having a lot of trouble with my arthritis last year, it was nice not being the only one. Even though sometimes the rest of my family acted caring, you knew they were thinking "She could get up if she wanted to. It's not really that bad." Now that I found my arthritis was caused mainly by an allergy to tomatoes, it seems like I'm the only one who can understand him.

Mitsy- my cat


Mitsy is a Maine Coon. She's probably not pure-bred because I got her from the Humane Society. She acts pretty much like all of the other cats I've had except for two interesting details:
-1. She barely ever lays around like a normal cat. She prefers to lay on her back or stretch out as if she were dead.
-2.She is terrified of going outside. we've taken her outside several times, but we always feel we're guilty of some sort of animal cruelty. She'll sit by the back door for as long as she's outside, and just yowl. REALLY LOUDLY. We've actually had neighbors come over to see what was happening. But, I still love her......Even if she is a chicken.

Buttons- my rabbit


Buttons is a dutch rabbit. She lives outside in a nice hutch. I got her about a month after Easter in 1999. at the time, I really wanted a rabbit, but now she doesn't get out much. I found out that sitting outside petting a rabbit with nothing else to do is incredibly boring. I also found that she likes to chew holes in peoples clothes when they're not watching. She's really friendly though...

Ray- my adult male veild chameleon


Ray is, as the title says, an adult male veild chameleon. He doesn't get out much either. I got him as an adult and he quikly developed phobias toward...well,...everything. He doesn't want to come out, and he'll fall to the floor (from about 3 1/2 feet up) and scramble around, climb the screen, throw himself across the cage, ANYTHING to get away. Once he's finally out of his cage (and he's calmed down from all of the excitement of coming out) he's ok unless you take him too close to the dog, the cat, another person, a chair, a brightly lighted room, anything that makes sound, etc.

click here for veild chameleon care and breeding information.

My baby veiled chameleons


I have 3 baby veiled chameleons. I used to have 19, but I sold the rest. They were born July 6, 2000, so they really aren't babies anymore. I need to get some new pictures.