Why volunteer?

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The most popular question of them all: "Why volunteer?"

If you don't at least have some idea of how to answer that question, I doubt a web site will be able to persuade you entirely. The best thing you can do is try it for yourself. But if you'd like a little insight into what reasons other people have for volunteering, here's a list of 10 reasons people volunteer:

1. Helping others gives you a great feeling inside.
2. It keeps you active and involved in your community.
3. Other people can learn from your example.
4. You are helping to make your community a better place.
5. The time you volunteer is more flexible than a work schedule.

And for the people who don't really care so much about other people and just want to know how it will benefit them...

6. It looks good on a college or scholarship application.
7. You will meet new people and make new friends.
8. You can learn new skills that will help you later in life.
9. You now have a good excuse for why you can't (or didn't) do other less rewarding work.
10. Um... Sometimes they have free food.

Okay, so maybe they weren't ALL great reasons, but what do you expect? Finding 10 reasons to do anything can be hard. Go ahead, try giving me 10 reasons -GOOD REASONS- why you watch television, or play a sport, or whatever it is you like to do.

Volunteering is like...oh heck, I don't know. Everybody gets something different out of it- and some people get a lot more than others. I'm not going to bore you with saying all the same good stuff you could hear from all the old people at your local nursing home. If you want to listen to them, you could, *gasp* VOLUNTEER there. All I am going to say is what I've experienced.

And yes, a lot of times you do get free food.