Holly Aubry

1130 SW 16th Ave. Apt #81

Gainesville, FL 32601

(352) 264-1649



      Customer service skills

      Computer skills

      Leadership skills

      Ability to teach others

      Fast learner

      Hard worker

      Self Motivated

      Always willing to learn new skills


Experience and Accomplishments:

      National Merit Finalist scholarship award recipient.

      Michael Csonovich community service award.

      Volunteer tutor for HOSTS program for two years.

      Volunteer teachers assistant in first grade classroom for two years.



Past Employers:

Winn-Dixie Dates worked: 11/03-present

300 SW 16th Ave Positions: cashier, floral associate, pricing assistant

Gainesville, FL 32601 Pay Rate: $7.50/hr

(352) 336-9700 Duties: cashiering, customer service, go-backs, stocking candy, straightening shelves, cleaning, watering flowers, making vase arrangements, grading flowers, doing price changes

Tim Hortons Dates worked: 11/02-8/03

404 S. Monroe St. Positions: front worker, baker

Monroe, MI 48161 Pay Rate: $6.75/hr

(734) 384-9523 Duties: cashiering, drive-thru, making coffee, sandwiches bagels, tarts, and donuts, cleaning, stocking, overnight prep.

Reason for leaving: Moved to Florida to attend UF


Walmart Dates worked: 9/02-10/02

2159 N. Telegraph Rd. Positions: sales associate (crafts dept.), cashier in training

Monroe, MI 48162 Pay Rate: $7.00/hr

(734) 243-2280 Duties: customer service, cutting, folding, and tagging fabric, answering phone, straightening isles, go-backs, stocking and pricing inventory, cashiering

Reason for leaving: Stalked and propositioned by customer. No longer felt safe working there.


ACE Hardware Dates worked: 9/00-6/01

1490 Stewart Rd. Positions: cashier

Monroe, MI 48162 Pay Rate: $5.50/hr

(734)243-6180 Duties: cashiering, customer service, answering phone, returns, filing, ordering, inventory, screen and glass callbacks

Reason for leaving: Not enough time for work because of family vacations, 4-H biking/college trip and testing out of classes for school.