Welcome to my School Website!

Click Here for My Applets Well, this is my school website. I would have left it where it was so it could be deleted and no one would ever have to look at it again, but alas, I have to move it here as my last assignment. Oh well, after the semester is over is over I can erase it from existance. So...If you are actually and genuinely interested in what psyhco things a person might put on a website that was generated entirely out of boredom and homework assignments, read on. It won't be here much longer.

I like football
My favorite Christmas color isGreen Red

My non-html website
Look at this! A link to the site you are already viewing!

My cousin's webpage (she wants to be a cartoonist)
I think a lot of her drawings are very good, so I have included some of her comic strips on this site.

E-mail me: c3063ona@grove.ufl.edu
If you ever e-mail me at this address, I will never respond. I don't even know how to check my e-mail. If you really want to chat, go to the main page and press the link that says "contact me".
Well, for my next assignment in this wonderful class that I am in, I am supposed to make a list of all of the wonderful things about UF. I hope I don't get graded for what I type...

  1. UF pays for all of my tuition and helps me with my living expenses.
  2. UF is in Florida, which is nice and warm compared to my home state of Michigan.
  3. Florida is also very far away from Michigan, so I don't have to deal with certain unaccepting family members unless I decide to.

As you probably noticed, most of my reasons were about Sunny Florida instead of UF. This is because I have never been to a wonderful school or a horrible school, so to me UF is just a school. The cool thing about UF is that it is in Florida and it offered me a better scholarship than everybody else (Well, except for Texas, but who wants to live in Texas anyway?)

I certainly wouldn't, but that's mainly because

Okay, so now that that's done, I thought I would share with everyone how incredibly busy I am so that you understand why my website is a jumble of disjointed information instead of being really imaginative and cool... okay so part of that is because I have no imagination, but I really do have another excuse...

Well, that's an old schedule. guess what?!? I QUIT MY JOB! YAY! Life is good again.