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Since I made this page, a lot of things have changed....

I moved out with Stephen last February and we got an appartment together. My family is still very unhappy about this. We've had our share of fights, but we always work through our problems.
I went off to college in Florida and Stephen came for about a month and a half and lived with me and my best friend. (We all lived in Michigan before the move.) Then he went back to Michigan because he had a good paying job there, and good employment is hard to find in college towns. We call each other every day and talk for at least an hour. It is hard because we miss each other very much. Stephen is thinking about moving back to Florida at Christmas time and working harder at finding a good paying job.
My parents think that Stephen is still living here with me. I've been shocked that no one has seen him yet around town. Stephen doesn't want my family to know because then they will make a fuss about it again when he comes back. I understand why he wants it to be kept secret, but his secret makes me lie to my parents all of the time. One day they are going to see him and then I will have to explain why I lied.

Stephen and I broke up about a month ago. (11/12/03) Correction- he dumped me and found somebody else. I understand why he did it and I can't say that none of it was my fault. All I can say is that I am still having a hard time letting go. I know that I have to- not just because he did either. We had problems and I couldn't let go when I needed to. If I had let him go before things got too bad, we would have eventually been able to work through our problems. I know I can't fix the mistakes I made but maybe someday I can be forgiven for them. I just have to learn from them and accept them. Stephen, if you ever read this, I'm sorry.  I love you and have never wanted to hurt you.